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Introducing BLDR Sports, founded by Hunter McIntyre, a renowned athlete whose passion for fitness and performance has driven him to create cutting-edge supplements. As a record-setting athlete and championship winner, Hunter understands the demands of elite competition and the importance of superior nutrition in achieving peak performance.


After a devastating defeat at spartan race world championships in 2013 Hunter McIntyre knew that something had to change. He had done all the hard training but training wasn’t enough, two miles from the finish line he cramped to lose the lead. Poor nutrition and hydration had lost the race. After this he began a journey to find the best sports supplements to get the best results. Don’t let your results fall short with poor nutrition.



Fuel Your Win isn't just a motto; it's a commitment to excellence that drives our athletes to surpass their limits and achieve unprecedented success. Whether you're in the gym, on the field, or conquering the trails, our athletes rely on our supplements to optimize their nutrition and maximize their potential.

As an athlete you need fuel to move you forward. The fitness industry has pushed people toward crash dieting and zero calorie fad products. We want more from our training and our performances, so we put the best nutrients into our products to support athletes' goals to tackle any challenge. 

Join our community of driven individuals and embrace the Fuel Your Win mindset. Together, let's elevate our performance, surpass our goals, and celebrate the victories that come from relentless dedication with the right products to back you up every scoop of the way.

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